Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj : 10 Things

1) Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj single-handedly defeated 4 sultanates i.e. Adilshah, Nizamshah, Qutubshah and Mughals and founded Maratha Empire and freed people from cruel rule of these sultanates.

2) His father left him with a force of 2000 which he increased to the strength of 1 lakh by defeating his several enemies in several wars and attracting people by his heroic deeds.

3) He is known as Father of Indian Navy. He built a strong navy to guard the coastal areas of his kingdom. His navy was so strong that it defeated Britishers, Portuguese, and French navy and kept them out of India and making them impossible to make a strong hold in India.

4) Initially he had only 1 fort (Shivneri) under his possession. But in his 35 years of military career he conquered and built  upto 370 forts all which remained uncaptuted and unconquered by his enemies.

5)Afzal Khan was physically the most strongest war general in India. Shivaji Maharaj killed him in a one on one dual.

6) Shaista Khan was guarded by 1 lakh soldiers. Shivaji Maharaj and his men still managed to crack the defences, entered Laal Mahal, killed many important Mughal war generals and handicapped Shaista Khan and surprisingly Shivaji and his men came out safely and within no time came back to their forts. All this was done by Shivaji Maharaj by 1 lakh guards not knowing a bit of it until injured people from Laal Mahal and came out and told them what happened inside.

7) He was imprisoned by Aurangzeb in Delhi. With his extra ordinary brilliance and courage he managed to escape from Agra by making a fool of Aurangzeb and 4 lakh Mughal soldiers who were guarding Agra that time giving Mughals in their capital city a glimse of the inhumane and extra ordinary things he was capable of doing.

With his such ” 100s ” of such extra ordinary fleets and achievements he remains the best King Indian-subcontinent ever saw. With his unparalled brilliance and courage he remains the great son of this soil. India is indeed blessed by the existence of such great warriors who truly makes India the land of brave-hearts.

Jai Hind, Jai Shivaji

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